Sunday August 28, 2022

Islamic, Other Countries Extend Helping Hand To Pakistan For Rescue, Rehabilitation Of Flood Victims

Islamabad: Pakistan is facing the worst catastrophe of its history in shape of floods which claims as many as more than 1000 people lives, on the other hand Islamic countries as wells as world over have assured Pakistan to support it for rescue and rehabilitation of flood victims.

Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) has issued an appeal to its member countries to extend helping hands to Pakistan to mitigate the people affected by the floods.

Brotherly countries, UAE, Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arab have expressed solidarity with Pakistan facing devastation and destruction after the catastrophe of the floods.

Moreover, other countries of world also shows eagerness to support Pakistan in tackling the situation created after the rains and floods.

The USA, the Uk, Canada, France, United Nation have also assured Pakistan to provide help in testing times.

UK To Give £1.5m for flood relief

The UK is providing urgent support to Pakistan after flooding that has affected millions, with at least 700,000 homes destroyed.

Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon, Minister of State for South and Central Asia, North Africa, UN and the Commonwealth and the Prime Minister’s Special Representative on Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict, said: “The floods in Pakistan have devastated local communities and the UK is providing up to £1.5 million to help the immediate aftermath.

UN Appeal $160m For Flood Donations

The United Nations is set to launch a Flash Appeal of a $160 million appeal in support of Pakistan following the worst floods in the country’s history the UN will launch

In his weekly press briefing on Friday, Foreign Office spokesperson Asim Iftikhar said a UN Flash Appeal will be launched on Tuesday, August 30, simultaneously from Geneva and Islamabad.

America To Provide Pakistan $1 Million

The United States has pledged $1 million to Pakistan “to build resilience against natural disasters”.

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