Friday April 22, 2022

Investigation Into Dua Zehra Abduction Continued With Various Perspectives

Karachi: An investigation into a 14-year-old girl Dua Zehra allegedly abducted from the limits of Alfalah police station has continued on sixth day.

The police interrogated the girl’s schools principle and her friends while the police also got a record of tablet used by the girl.

In th search of Dua Zehra, three various police teams raids are continued while the polie also prepared a report of the raids it conducted.

The school headmaster of Dua Zehra apprised the police that Dua was student of the school till class 3rd grade and she was not a regular student.

According to the investigation sources the family of Dua Zehra also received WhatsApp messages for a ransom, however, it was found after the investigation that the mentioned messages were sent being a naughty.

The police have continued its search regarding Dua Zehra case with various perspectives.

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