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Wednesday November 16, 2022

International Accord Offers Services to Pakistan Textile Industry

LAHORE: International Accord on Health and Safety in the Textile and Garment Industry Executive Director Joris Oldenziel offered services to the textile industry of Pakistan without charging the local textile manufacturers.

There is no fee for participation in the Accord programme by the local suppliers. The Accord charges fee from the international brands and buyers, he added.

He was heading a delegation to the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA), including Ms. Veronique Cremer, Head of Policy and Advocacy, and Zulfiqar Shah, consultant of International Accord.

Oldenziel said the Accord was created to ensure that workers operate in a safe working environment without fearing building safety accidents and other workplace safety issues.

He said the programme was started in Bangladesh in 2013. It was followed by the establishment of International Accord programmes in other countries based on key principals of accountability, transparency, independence, workers participation and inclusive governance. He said more than 180 international brands are signatory to the Accord at present.

Association s Chairman (Northern Zone) Hamid Zaman said that APTMA member mills were 100 per cent compliant corporate entities and the performance of industries was strictly monitored by international and national agencies. He said the textile industry in Pakistan was fully compliant to the international and local sustainability standards like SA 8000, Oeko Tex made for green, Step etc.

Also, he added, the textile mills were contributing to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals besides ensuring compliance with 27 conventions of GSP plus status relating to social, gender, environment, and other aspects.

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