Wednesday August 18, 2021

Indian Forces Fire Shells Over Muharram Mourners in Occupied Kashmir

SRINAGAR: In Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJ&K), Hurriyat leaders and organizations have strongly denounced the use of brute force by Indian police on Muharram mourners in Srinagar.

Several mourners were injured when Indian police subjected the participants of a Muharram procession to teargas shelling, pellet firing and lathi-charge in Jahangir Chowk area of Srinagar.

Jammu and Kashmir Anjuman Shari Shian leader, Agha Syed Mujtaba Al-Moosvi, in a statement said the battle of Karbala teaches the lesson of resistance against oppression and occupation and sympathy with the oppressed.

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