Sunday May 15, 2022

Imran Didn’t Talk About His Govt Performance For A Single Minute In Public Rallies: Maryam

Gujrat: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Vice President Maryam Nawaz Sharif has urged Interior Minister Rana Snaullah to launch an immediate probe into Imran Khan’s claim that he was facing threats to his life,

Addressing a rally in Gujrat, Maryam Nawaz promised that if the claim turned out to be well-founded Khan would be provided unprecedented security.

She also said that Nawaz Sharif exposed Imran Khan, who, she claimed, ended up shooting himself in the foot.

She likened Imran Khan to unruly schoolchildren who resort to finding excuses to avoid exams when they are not prepared for them.

Maryam said that Imran Khan was making claims about threats to his life after his foreign conspiracy narrative failed to get traction.

She said that the PTI chief had addressed so many public rallies but did not speak about the performance of his government for a single minute.

Maryam said that she wanted Imran Khan to live to see Nawaz Sharif’s success and be mortified by envy.

She urged Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah that he must get the video recorded by Imran Khan and act instead of waiting for any “mishap”, though she said Imran Khan was probably lying.

Maryam said that if Imran Khan’s claims about the threat to his life turned out true, Nawaz Sharif would order unprecedented security for him.

She reminded Khan that when he was injured after falling from the container before the 2013 elections Nawaz Sharif had visited him in the hospital.

Responding to Khan’s claim about a heart-attack-inducing poison, Maryam said that Imran Khan did something to Nawaz Sharif when the PML-N leader was in jail and due to it Sharif’s platelet count dropped to dangerous levels.

Maryam alleged that Imran Khan believed other people were like him.

Responding to Khan’s recent statement about the rising US dollar rate against the Pakistani rupee, Maryam said that she was happy to know that Imran Khan’s memory had returned.

She then reminded Khan of his previous statements when the PTI chief said that he learned about the dollar rate from TV and that he had not taken to power to control the prices of onion and potatoes.

Maryam said that any question about inflation would be asked from a person who ruled for four years and not those who were in power for only four weeks. She said that PML-N would not allow Imran Khan to blame his poor performance on the party.

Maryam said that Imran Khan claimed that he had blocked the phone number of the establishment, but this was a joke and that in reality the numbers he used to dial had been changed, and now his calls would not go through.

The PML-N leader said that if Imran Khan really wanted to go into the election, he could have called the election before the success of the no-confidence motion when he was trying to persuade his allies.

“The game is out of your hands now. Your game is over. You would not do anything now. You would only look to Nawaz Sharif,” Maryam Nawaz said.

“Nawaz Sharif hit you from London and pushed you back to the container after four years,” she said.

She claimed that the election would be held when Nawaz Sharif decided from London.

Maryam called Imran Khan a “Toshakhana thief” and said that in the four years of his government, Bani Gala, Farah Khan and all members of the Khan government became rich while the people became poorer.

She called out Imran for his purported statement that instead of putting Shehbaz Sharif into government the establishment should have hit Pakistan with a nuclear bomb.

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