Imran Khan Decides To Challenge Wazirabad FIR appea"> Imran Khan Decides To Challenge Wazirabad FIR appea" /> Imran Khan Decides To Challenge Wazirabad FIR appea">
Tuesday November 08, 2022

Imran Khan Decides To Challenge Wazirabad FIR

Lahore: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan has decided to challenge the FIR registered against on the assisination attempt on him in Wazirabad.

The former premier was meeting with the anchors of different news channels today at his Zaman Park residence.

The PTI chief talking to the anchors claimed that he knows that they will murder him owing to this he recorded the video adding that when we got strengthened they hatched a second plan.

The ex-premier said that as we won the by elections we strengthened while he said that he announced in the rally that there is a plan kill him like Salman Taseer.

He said that that he knows he will be killed at Gujrat or Wazirabad adding that the persons he nominated if they were innocents then they will be left out of the investigation.

All the institutions are under the Interior Mininister adding that he has given a task of provide security to accused Naveed while he claimed that statement of Naveed is false. and there is no feet of lies.

He said that the chief of Tehrrek-e-Labaik Pakistan distanced himself from Naveed in a better manner.
Imran Khan said that the army can play the best role in a positive manner.

He said that if system of the government has to run then powers must be given to Prime Minister adding that he don’t have any fight with the army but dispute created on the issue of accountability.

The PTI chief said that China apprehended many leaders on the charges of corruption and all were given death penalties.

On a question regarding the COAS Bajwa extension in his tenure, to which Imran Khan avoided to anwer the question.

He said that allied government should not be formed as we used to black mail in this set up. adding that the government becomes strengthened having over two third majority.

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