Thursday December 15, 2022

Imran Is Planning To Attack Democracy To return Back To Power: Rana Sanaullah

Islamabad: Minister for Interior Rana Sana Ullah on Thursday said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan was “planning to attack the country’s parliamentary system of democracy under his foreign agenda to ensure his return to power”.

“Imran Khan attacked the federal capital with armed groups in a bid to blackmail the government, but he miserably failed to implement his nefarious political agenda and now he is bent on attacking the parliamentary system of democracy in Pakistan,” he said in a news statement.

The minister said Imran Khan wanted to achieve his “ulterior motives” and implement his “foreign agenda” by “attacking” the democracy which had no legal and constitutional justification. “If we let the attack on the democracy succeed once, it will be repeated again and again,” he added.

He said the parliamentary democracy, national and provincial assemblies and the Constitution of 1973 were part of the system on which Pakistan’s stability relied.

Rana Sana Ullah feared that the PTI may make an “anti-democratic attempt” to return to power and achieve its political agenda. Imran Khan could opt for any “unconstitutional and undemocratic act to ensure his return to power”, he added.

He warned the PTI chief against his alleged ulterior motives which were aimed at “ruining the economy”.

“We will democratically foil every plot of Imran Khan, which aims to destabilize Pakistan politically and economically,” he said.

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