Tuesday June 14, 2022

Imported Govt Overvurned Inflation-Hit People: Khan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday said if the incumbent government remained in power, it will harm the country more than any enemy.

Addressing the PTI labour wing, the former PM said that appointment of ‘turncoat’ Raja Riaz as National Assembly is the death of democracy, adding that the U.S. has imposed a gang of thieves on us. If they remained in power then it’s over for democracy in the country, he said.

The PTI chairman added in the times of covid’s peak, the whole world observed lockdown while the opposition urged his government to impose lockdown in the country as well but he was much concerned about the daily wage earners.

“When I asked them that what will happen to the daily wage earner, they didn’t answer,” said Imran Khan.

He added that the opposition even stressed that they will register a case against if he didn’t impose lockdown in the country but he still stood firm on his decision and later the whole world admitted that Pakistan saved the economy during covid.

Further talking about it he said we did not impose lockdown like India because the lockdown in India has led to rising unemployment and poverty. We did not close the construction and textile sector during pandemic.

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