Thursday November 03, 2022

IHC Reserves Verdict In PTI Petition Against Govt For Not Issuing NOC For Sit-In

Islamabad: Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Thursday reserved the verdict in the PTI’s plea against the government for not issuing PTI a no-objection certificate for its sit-in in Islamabad after hearing the arguments from the parties in the case.

The IHC directed the PTI to ensure maintaining peace regardless of whatever the place they get permission to hold the sit-ins and jalsa.

The PTI on October 31 filed a petition, seeking permission to conduct its jalsa and sit-in in addition to providing security to marchers.

During the hearing, the court expressed annoyance as the relevant official of the Islamabad administration had not appeared despite summoning.

“Is this a civil court? It is a high court,” Justice Aamer Farooq showed ire, while summoning the officials of district administration in the court immediately.

Later, Islamabad Advocate General Barrister Jahangir Jadoon and Islamabad deputy commissioner appeared in the court.

Meanwhile, Jahangir read Imran Khan’s response submitted in the Supreme Court regarding the PTI’s long march of May 25, 2022.

Jadoon maintained that losses occurred in PTI’s previous long march and police personnel were injured.

At the court’s inquiry, the advocate general told that the PTI is seeking permission to hold the rally at the same spot they had asked to hold the rally in the previous march.

“They [PTI] have always violated the terms and conditions that’s why we don’t trust them. The PTI leadership refused to admit the assurance by two senior lawyers,” Jadoon said, informing the court that PTI can hold the rally at T-chowk if they want.

Meanwhile, PTI lawyer Babar Awan maintained that Ali Awan has filed this plea so he is responsible for it.

“The matter is already in the SC, we shouldn’t argue on it,” he said.

Justice Farooq asked Awan’s opinion on what he thinks that the same as before wouldn’t happen at the place government allots to PTI for rally.

He directed the PTI to assure that peace and security will be maintained regardless of the place allotted for the rally and make sure that the roads are not blocked to cause inconvenience to the people.

“Holding protest is your right but the citizen’s rights should also be taken care of,” Justice Farooq remarked.

The court later reserved the verdict after hearing the arguments from the parties in the case.

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