Monday May 30, 2022

IHC Issues Notices To All Rulers From Musharraf To Existing PM Over Missing Person Case

Islamabad: Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Monday directed the federal government to issue notices to Pervez Musharaf till existing premier in the missing person case.

The IHC giving a last chance to Attorney General for arguments over the constitutional violations said that the missing persons should be presented before the court or otherwise present a reason for failure for behalf of the state.

The court ordered the government to issue notices to rulers from Pervez Musharraf to the incumbent government prime ministers and said that why didn’t the court take action against all the chief executives over alleged treason with the constitution of the country? why didn’t action be taken against all the prime ministers for being keep quite approval for missing the citizens policy?

The court ordered to present Mudasir Naro and six others on June 17 in the court adding that if missing persons were not recovered then the incumbent and former interior ministers be appeared before the court.

The court order said that the all the prime ministers give explanation adding that why didn’t case of severe treason initiated over the missing persons cases?

Attorney General be satisfied the court why didn’t case register against all the chief ministers and prime ministers?
The court ordered the federal government to redress complaints of the missing persons families.

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