Sunday May 15, 2022

If Imran Not Avoided Speaking Lies We Will Put Him Behind Bars: Hamza

Gujrat: Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz said that Imran Khan made millions of people jobless instead of providing 10 million jobs to people as a promise in the last general elections.

The CM said that the PTI chief had said that he will commit suicide but will not go to International Monetary Fund (IMF).

He said that you didn’t commit suicide but owing to your policies poor people committed suicides.

Hamza Shahbaz said that Imran Khan is a chaos and if Imran was not stopped he will going to eat up country’s economy.

He said that Imran Khan could not become spokesman of Pakistan nor for Kashmiris while he became spokesman for Farah Gogi only.

He warned Imran Khan that if he not avoided speaking his lies then beyond the court we will put him behind bars.

Addressing the mammoth rally in Gujrat, the CM announced decrease in sugar prices which will be sold Rs 70 per Kg.

He also announced to bring down prices of flour and ghee as well.

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