Tuesday January 04, 2022

I Believe In Constitution and Independence Of Court: CJ

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJ) Justice Gulzar Ahmed said on Tuesday that law is biggest weapon in Pakistan and there is nothing bigger than this.

Addressing a ceremony of Day of Gratitude over start of Lawyers Complex in Islamabad on Tuesday, CJ said that it was his first visit to the Islamabad High Court Bar building and was happy to see so many lawyers.

“I don t see any difference between a lawyer and a judge,” he said and added the job of the court and the lawyer is the same. “The job of the lawyer is to follow the case and the job of the court is to decide.”

Justice Gulzar Ahmed said that he believes in the constitution and independence of the court, adding that he is aware of the problems of lawyers and will try to solve them.

“Law is the biggest weapon in Pakistan, there is nothing bigger than law in Pakistan,” he added.

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