Wednesday October 26, 2022

Humanity Dies In UP State Of India As Onlookers Filming Dumped Raped Girl Instead Of Helping Her

New Delhi: Humanity died a painful death after cries of help by a 12-year-old girl who was allegedly raped and dumped at a spot turned on deaf ears as bystanders surrounding her busied themselves, filming her on their smartphones.

The incident came to light after a 25-second video of the girl begging for help in front of a group of men filming her on their phones went viral on social media.

In the video, the young girl, severely wounded and with bloodstains on her arms, pleads for help to a group of men surrounding her as they turn a blind eye to her predicament and film her cries on their mobile phones.

The video shows many men shooting the girl from different angles even as she pleads with them for help. One of the bystanders in the crowd asks if the police had been informed about the incident. The other one asks if someone knows the Muslim chief’s number. But the filming continues unabated with no signs of helping the injured girl.

The girl, who was dumped at the back of Dak Bangla guest house in Kannauj, receives help only after Indian senior police officer arrived at the spot and picked her up in his arms. Another video shows the police officer running in the traffic carrying the girl in his arms.

The police is said to have boarded an auto rickshaw to reach the district hospital where she was admitted for treatment. The police is yet to ascertain if the victim was sexually assaulted or not.

“The minor girl was found injured and the local police rushed her to the hospital for treatment,” Superintendent of Police Kunwar Anupam Singh said. “A case has been registered under the relevant sections based on a complaint by the girl’s family. It is not clear if the girl was sexually assaulted. No arrests have been made in the case yet.”

The victim’s family said that the girl had gone out to buy a piggy bank in the afternoon. However, when she did not return home till the evening, her parents started looking out for her, reports say.

The girl was reportedly referred from Kannauj District hospital to Kanpur by doctors after accounting for her critical condition. The local residents have said that the girl was gang-raped and dumped there.

However, the police have denied the claims. Manoj Pandey, the station in charge of Gursahaiganj police station, said that it was too early to arrive at any conclusion and the police were waiting for the victim’s statement.

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