Friday May 13, 2022

Horrific Collision Between Dumper And Two Passengers Vans Claimed 12 Lives In Gunjranwala

Gunjranwala: A horrific collision between a dumper and two passenger vans claimed 12 lives and 8 others severely injured on Hafizabad road near Kot Ladha police station. .

The serious injured people have been shifted to a near-by hospital. The dumper driver after losing control on his vehicle rammed it to two passenger vans owing to which 12 people including women and children were killed.
The injured people conditions are stated to be critical.

Regarding the accident police apprised that it has surfaced in the initial investigation that dumper was over speed and due to the over speeding the driver could not keep control of the vehicle and squashed the passenger vehicles

The vans were going to Gunjranawala from Hafizabad side owing to which 12 passengers lost their lives on the spot.

Driver and dumper have been taken in the police custody while as many as 20 passengers were travelling in the buses.

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