Sunday May 08, 2022

Heat Can’t Deter Brave Youth And Sister To Attend Long March: Imran Khan

Abbotabad: Former prime minister and PTI chief Imran Khan has said that he would lead two million people in his march on Islamabad later this month and that the government would not be able to stop him by installing shipping containers on the roads.

Addressing a PTI rally in Abbottabad’s College Ground on Sunday, Imran Khan said that his opponents claimed that the summer heat would not allow people to leave their homes to march on Islamabad, but he believed that heat cannot deter brave youth and sisters.

Imran said he would announce the date for the march after May 20.

The former prime minister said that current rulers had taken power after collaborating with the United States but the Pakistani nation would never accept them.

He said he never wanted to join the US war on terror and was holding negotiations with Russia for the import of fuel and wheat at cheaper rates.

He said the Americans did not want a prime minister in Pakistan. They wanted a head of the government like Musharraf, who surrendered on a single phone call and joined the US war on terror, he said.

“They wanted a cherry-blossom who polishes shoes, who says that beggars are not chooser,” he said.

Imran Khan then used strong language against Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. “If you believe that for you we would be enslaved to the United States, don’t be misled,” he said.

He said that when he gave call for the march, the entire nation would arrive in Islamabad to give message that the “imported government not acceptable.”

Imran Khan said that since the new government had taken power the prices of food items had gone up and that TV journalists should go out to know what people say as they did when the PTI ruled the country.

Imran Khan accused the media of accepting money and said that it was not highlighting the the issue of inflation after his ouster as it did before.

Imran Khan then said that he wanted to educate people on a few issues.

He said that when billions of rupees are stolen from government coffers they are sent abroad and to send that money abroad you buy US dollars and when you buy dollars, the Pakistan rupee falls against the US dollar.

Then the the country faces inflation and heads towards destruction, he said.

Referring to Shehbaz Sharif’s statement that he was ready to sell his clothes to provide flour to people at cheaper rates, Imran Khan said, “Shehbaz Sharif stop these dramas. Don’t undress, we would be terrified to death.”

He said that if the Sharifs returned half of the money they stole from Pakistan, the PTI would reduce wheat prices.

Imran Khan criticized the judiciary for opening its doors at midnight and said that people who faced corruption charges were propped up in the government.

He again said that only animals could be neutral as Allah had ordained people to rise up against injustice.

Imran Khan claimed that Maryam Nawaz had to delay her rally in Fatah Jang because people did not show up and then she held the rally in the dark of night.

He said after 75 years the Pakistani nation was ready to move towards the Pakistan that was envisioned by Mohamad Ali Jinnah and when people enter Islamabad with his long march later this month, they will be able to see that Pakistan.

The rally at the College Ground in Abbottabad began Sunday afternoon and PTI supporters continued to pour in for hours.

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