Friday October 22, 2021

Hammad Announces Investment of Rs111bn In Power Sector

ISLAMABAD: While announcing a huge investment of Rs111 billion in power transmission system, Federal Minister for Energy, Hammad Azhar said that this initiative will increase the power transmission capacity from the national grid.

In a statement, Hammad Azhar, said that Pakistan’s current transmission system is unable to carry more than 23,000 MW. “Therefore, to transmit over 32,000 MW, a huge investment of Rs 111 billion will be made in the power transmission system,” he added.

“The investment will be made through National Transmission and Dispatch Company NTDC in the next 3 years”, said the Energy Minister. After the investment, the transmission capacity of electricity from the national grid will be increased, he added.

The transmission capacity of the national grid will reach 28,750 MW in 2023, while the power transmission capacity of the national grid will increase to 31,500 MW by 2024, explained the minister

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