Tuesday September 07, 2021

Grounded Ship At Karachi Beach Re-floated After Seven Weeks

KARACHI: The cargo ship stuck off at Karachi beach has finally started floating after 48 days.

The operation to rescue stranded cargo ship Hang Tong 77 from the port city’s shore has been successful.

Tug vessels have taken control of the ship, as per reports, which is moving at a speed of three nautical miles.

“The ship will be taken to the harbour [by the tugs],” said Commodore (retd) Obaidullah, an expert on maritime affairs.”This is because of two reasons; both of its anchors have broken and the Pakistan government has taken the ship into its custody,” he said.

The Hang Tong 77, manufactured in 2011, sank in the sand near Seaview Karachi due to a broken hanger on July 21. Registered in Panama, the ship weighs 2,250 tons and is loaded with containers.

According to a Karachi Port Trust (KPT) spokesman, the ship came ashore due to high waves and a weak engine.

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