Thursday November 03, 2022

Govt Set 39 Conditions For PTI To Enter Islamabad

Islamabad:The government has set 39 conditions as a prepared a draft affidavit for the organizers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) Haqeeqi Azadi March to undertake if they want to enter Islamabad.

The government submitted the affidavit’s draft containing 39 conditions in the Islamabad High Court during the hearing of its petition seeking the IHC’s direction to stop the PTI from holding protest in the federal capital.

Justice Aamer Farooq was hearing the petition on Thursday.

39 Conditions For PTI Protest To Enter Islamabad
The permission will be valid for one day (24 hours) from November 4 and will expire on November 5. Organizer to ensure dispersal before 12:00 pm on November 5.

Section 144 is imposed on the gathering of persons in Islamabad including Red Zone vide order. Every type of gathering apart from the protest place will be an illegal assembly and action will be taken against the undersigned in case of violation.

In case of any untoward/unfortunate incident or happening this permission of 24 hours will be considered withdrawn itself and the undersigned will be held responsible directly and vicariously. Further, gatherings shall be dispersed at such happening.

This gathering shall not disturb or disrupt the fundamental rights of citizens of Islamabad and adjoining areas e.g.

Right to Freedom of Movement (Article 15), Right to Freedom of trade and business (Article 18) and Right to

Education (Article 25-A). Hence no roads shall be blocked. In the instant case, the G.T.road will not be blocked.

Participants of Jalsa will not be allowed to enter from any other route except the following:

a. Participants coming from the southern part of the country through GT Road will directly reach this venue.

b. Participants coming from the northern part of the country through GT Road or Motorway. (M-1) will be allowed to use IJP road. Entry on Kashmir Highway from 26 No. Chungi will be banned for participants. From IJP roads, the participants will take Islamabad Express Highway via Faizabad to reach T-Chowk and the venue.

c. Participants coming from the Eastern side (.e. Murree etc) will be allowed to use Shahpur land Road (at Shahpur Slop) followed by Phulgran Road and Simply Dam Road through Athal, Mohare and finally Lehtrar road to touch

Islamabad Expressway.

The participants will then move forward T-Chowk on Islamabad Express Highway. The organizer/undersigned will be bound to use only the above routes for joining the Jalsa at T-Chowk. (Routes are shown on map as Annex “B” “C” &“D” respectively).

If because of violation of any term/condition, a situation arises which may resort to use of force, then the undersigned will be responsible for any causality, if occurs.

Access to public/private property shall not be obstructed by the undersigned.

Clear right-of-way for fire brigades, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles/personnel shall be ensured by the undersigned.

No infants/children under the age of 18 years shall be allowed at the venue and the organizers take responsibility on this account except with their lawful guardians. Welfare and safety of such infants shall be the responsibility of the guardians and it will be ensured by undersigned.

Participants shall not enter any restricted area or obstruct any public/private thoroughfare during Jalsa / Sit-in or coming for or leaving the Jalsa or Sit-in.

Undersigned undertake that they will respect the fundamental human rights of other stakeholders and public at large during the said gathering.

Undersigned shall be responsible for any human injury/ health issue caused inside the venue due to internal arrangements. Any person of unsound mind not to be allowed inside the venue.

For the safety of the general public, maintenance of law and order at the venue, the ICT Police and Law Enforcement Agencies shall not be obstructed to check/ search of any vehicle/ person coming to attend the gathering anywhere in ICT.

The undersigned will sit with SSP (Traffic) and will chalk out a parking plan for parking of vehicles of participants so that no blockage of any road takes place. The plan will be adhered to by the organizers and participants of the event as smooth traffic flow for the residents of ICT shall not be obstructed.

No damage shall be caused to the Public or Private Property and in case of any such damage, the undersigned will be held responsible and will pay the cost of the damages occurred during this period due to an act, omission, failure or negligence of any of the participants. It is important to mention that claims against previous damages is outstanding against the district president PTI, Islamabad.

CCTV cameras shall be installed at the venue by the undersigned and location of the Cameras and the Control Room shall be intimated to the ICT Administration.

The undersigned will ensure the dispersal after the close of event.

No object of lethal or non-lethal force including batons of any size would be wielded by any participant of the gathering nor shall any participant indulge in violence or clashes. In case of any such incidence of clashes/ violence, the undersigned shall be held responsible.

It is reiterated that Section 144 is imposed on gathering of persons in Islamabad including Red Zone and more specifically no participants will be allowed to enter in & around Red Zone.

Undersigned shall be responsible for the internal security arrangement of the participants. And the list of the participants shall be shared with the Local Police in advance.

Undersigned shall be responsible for the internal security arrangement of the participants. And the list of the participants shall be shared with the Local Police in advance. The undersigned shall take responsibility that the participants shall not illegally move beyond the Identified boundary of the venue, any violation of this and resultant consequences shall be the responsibility of the organizer/undersigned.

Anti-state, anti-religious, or anti ideology of Pakistan slogans or speeches shall not be made by the speakers or any of the participants whether on stage or whether the gathering.

The undersigned shall also provide the undertaking by each of the speakers that he has read over this undertaking and the speaker will be personally and directly responsible/ liable for his act/speech or any utterance at the stage or in a gathering. Further, he will also be responsible for any act, damage or violence committed in pursuance of his speech, act, utterance or indication.

Speaker or any other participant shall not propagate any opinion, word, indication or act in any manner prejudicial to the ideology of Pakistan, the sovereignty, integrity or security of Pakistan, or morality, the maintenance of public order, the integrity or independence of the State Institutions, or which defames or brings into ridicule the State Institutions, in any manner whatsoever.

The speaker or any other person shall personally be responsible for any act, word, visible representation, which defames any person, institution or organization and organizers will be vicariously liable for such defamation.

Flag of any political or religious party shall not be burnt.

Weapons/firearms of any kind shall not be taken at near the venue of the gathering.

The use of decks/speakers shall comply with the provisions of the West Pakistan Amplifier Ordinance 1965.

Fool Proof security arrangements for the participants shall be ensured by the undersigned including minimum setback area of 45 meters between the first row and the stage.

Search of the participants at the entry of the venue shall be the joint responsibility of the undersigned and ICT Police.

Participants shall only be allowed inside the venue after a thorough security check.

Threat perception/ source reports shall be shared with the organizer / undersigned from time to time by the ICT Administration on which the undersigned shall take enhanced security measures.

All rules and regulations, municipal bye-laws shall strictly adhere too.

Streamers/Banners shall only be installed after approval from MCI. Banners or streamers containing public messages shall not be removed/obstructed.

The undersigned shall make sure that the participants coming from outside Islamabad shall abide by the conditions under which permission will be given.

List of people to be allowed on stage shall be provided to ICT Administration at least 12 hours in advance.

Littering at near the venue of the event shall not be permitted.

No intoxicant or any banned substance of consumption on shall be served/allowed at the venue.

Adequate number of Walk-through gates shall be installed at the entry points of the venue by the undersigned in consultation with ICT Police and participants shall have access to the venue only through the Walk through gates.

Details of Private Security arrangements shall be provided by the Organizers to the SSP (Operations), ICT, 12 hours before the start of the gathering.

The event shall conform to the cultural values of Pakistan.

Any instructions regarding security and public order issued regarding the event by the District Administration or ICT Police shall be complied by the undersigned in case of any disorder.

The main stage of the gathering and the venue shall be technically swept by the Bomb Disposal Squad and ICT Police.

Structural strength/safety of the stage shall be the responsibility of the undersigned.

In case of violation of any of the above terms and conditions, the undersigned shall be liable to face legal proceedings and NOC shall automatically stand cancelled.

If provisions of undertaking are not complied, the administration reserves the right to knock the door of Islamabad High Court in contempt against the undersigned.

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