Thursday June 02, 2022

Govt Increases Petrol and Diesel Prices By Rs 30 Per Liter Once Again

Islamabad: Government on Thursday “(today) night increased petrol and diesel prices once again by Rs 30 per liter.

This was announced by Finance Minister Miftah Isamel in his press conference tonight.

After the new hike today, the petrol prices will be Rs 209. 86 and diesel prices climbed to Rs 204.15

In his press conference, the Finance Minister Miftah Ismael also announced increase in light diesel which prices will be now available at Rs 178 per liter and Rs 181.94 respectively.

The government had increased petrol prices just one week ago by Rs 30 per liter on petrol and diesel. While the government had also increased prices of high speed diesel, kerosene oil and light diesel oil by Rs 30 per litre also.
After an increase one week ago prices of petrol was Rs 179.86 and Rs 174.15 per liter respectively.

The gigantic price hike comes after Prime Minister Shehbaz sharif-led Pakistan government failed to reach an agreement with IMF on an economic bailout, largely due to economic instability in the country.

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