Wednesday January 12, 2022

Govt Fully Cognizant Of Problem Being Faced By Masses Due To Inflation: Hammad

Islamabad: Minister for Energy Hammad Azhar has said that out of three hundred billion rupees taxes proposed in the Finance Supplementary Bill 2021, two hundred and seventy billion rupees are adjustable taxes to document the economy.

Responding to the points of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in the National Assembly today, he said the remaining taxes have been imposed only on luxury items.

The Minister for Energy said the government took difficult decisions to safe the country from bankruptcy and steered it on the growth trajectory.

He pointed out the economy grew by four percent during the last financial year and it is expected to touch five percent during the current financial year. He said the tax collection is witnessing growth of thirty percent and will touch the level of six thousand billion rupees by the end of this fiscal year. Private sector credit has also witnessed an increase of fifty percent which is a manifestation that the economy is growing.

Hammad Azhar said the government has put the country again on the path of industrialization and the large scale manufacturing is continuously witnessing growth. He said the crop growth has also doubled in our tenure compared with the previous regime. He said we are expecting record production of major crops this year.

He said there has been growth of 25 to 30 percent in exports which will touch thirty billion dollars by the end of this financial year.

The Minister for Energy said the government is fully cognizant of the problem being faced by the people due to inflation. He said that the government disbursed about 200 billion rupees amongst millions of deserving families under Ehsaas program in the wake of COVID-19. He said we are also providing the people with Insaaf Sehat Card under which each household is entitled to medical treatment worth one million rupees. He said the international community is appreciating Pakistan for successfully tackling the Covid pandemic.

The Minister for Energy said that 20 to 25 thousand tons of urea is being produced in the country on the daily basis. He said Urea prices in Pakistan are much lower when compared with the international market. He said we are providing uninterrupted gas to the fertilizers plants from November.

Meanwhile, the House resumed discussion on the Finance Supplementary Bill, 2021.

Participating in the debate, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said the finance supplementary bill will add further burden on the common man. He said this will increase inflation and unemployment. He was critical of the government’s economic policies. He demanded one hundred percent increase in the salaries of employees. He said the salaries should be fixed keeping in view the inflation.

Akbar Chitrali said the successive governments have failed to provide relief to the common man. He said the prices of essential commodities will further increase as a result of the financial supplementary bill 2021. He said the government should reduce non development expenditures.

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