Monday April 25, 2022

Govt Decides To Take Strict Action Against Dealers Involved In Hoarding Of Diesel

Islamabad: Government taking notice of shortage of diesel has decided to take strict action against responsible adding that the artificial scarcity created after rumours of hike in Diesel prices.

Secretary Petroleum Ali Raza Bbutta chaired a high level meeting wherein officials Pakistan State Oil (PSO) and representatives of oil marketing companies attended the meeting.

It is apprised the meeting by giving briefing that the country has required stock of diesel adding that 21 days diesel and 31 days petrol are available.

A raise of Rs 52 increased is likely in diesel prices. The hoarding of diesel revealed by rumours of hike in diesel prices, on which strict action has been decided against hoarders.

Sources said that issuing instructions for raiding to all chief secretaries of the four provinces warned that dealers licenses will be confiscated who are involved in hoarding.

The meeting directed that check and monitoring of the stock of the authorized dealers make more strict and to make sure supply and chain of diesel stable. Sources said that oil companies has as many as 10,000 authorized dealer across the country while the number of unauthorized dealers are beyond limit while the government has no data of these unauthorized dealers while unauthorized dealers have hoarded diesel on a large scale.

Sources said that the diesel demand increased owing to cutting of wheat while diesel daily demand of 23000 has reached to 33,000.

The uptick in diesel demand effected the supply. Political differences have also the reason of the artificial shortage of the diesel.

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