Saturday May 07, 2022

Govt Cancels Ramadan Package at Utility Stores

The federal government on Saturday canceled Ramadan package at utility stores, while a notification has also been issued in this regard.

 According to the notification, a 500 gram packet of dates was priced at Rs.10, 950 grams of tea at Rs. 67, 400 grams of spices at Rs.36, one liter of milk pack at Rs. 20 and white cumin 200 grams at Rs. 23.

In addition, the price of 50 grams of cardamom has been increased by Rs.18, red chili by Rs.18 per 200 grams, shampoo by Rs.14 and 100 grams of turmeric by Rs.4.

The price of pulses was increased by Rs.10 per kg and cooking oil of various brands up to Rs. 20 per liter, as per the notification.

On the other hand, the Utility Stores Corporation says that instead of 19 items, the federal government will now subsidize five items. Sugar will be available at Rs. 70 per kg, flour 10 kg bag at Rs.400 and ghee at Rs. 260 per kg. Rice and pulses will also be subsidized.

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