Wednesday September 07, 2022

Give Respect To Black Coat,Tie In Return We Will Give Respect Too: Abid Zuberi

Karachi: A candidate for President Supreme Court Bar Association, Abid Zuberi has said that there is need to give black coat and tie a respect adding that if you will give us respect in return we give you too.

A ceremony was held in a local hotel of Karachi which is arranged by Abid Zuberi for his campaign for president of Supreme Court Bar Association.

Lawyers in a large number attended the election campaign of Abid Zuberi.

Abid Zuberi said that today the bar has become a slave of the political party and we need to free the bar from the opportunist lawyers to make the bar independent.

Addressing the ceremony, ex-president of Supreme Court Bar Association, Rasheed A Rizvi said that the country is passing through a critical condition as more than 50 percent of the country is drowned in the flood and people don’t have coffin and if one have it he didn’t have a place to burry the dead as water scattered every where,

He said that nowadays there is a wide political polarisation in the history of the country and political parties are disgracing each other.

Former attorney general Anwar Mansoor Khan said that Abid Zubairi is an active lawyer of the country and he is running a campaign for presidentship of Supreme Court Bar Association.

He went on to say that the campaign for the president of SC bar association is difficult then a campaign of MNA’s election.

Abid Zuberi in his address to the ceremony said that the Supreme Court Bar has taken stand against the military dictator in the past and we had challenged the military court as well.

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