Thursday December 23, 2021

Girl Child Killed During Firing Between Robbers and Security Guards

KARACHI: A minor girl has been killed after being hit by a bullet on her head during an exchange of fire between security guards and dacoits in Karachi.

A security guard and the accused exchanged fire near Shah Latif Town Manzil Pump in Karachi, as a result of which a three-year-old girl was killed.

The girl was identified as Harmain daughter of Mumtaz. Police have started an investigation into the incident.

According to police officials, three suspects were looting a mart near Manzil pump on which security guards opened fire on the fleeing suspects. The suspects also responded with heavy fire, injuring the girl.

Police say the girl was with her parents, was shot in the head and was taken to hospital in critical condition.

According to police officials, a suspect was injured in the firing of a guard and weapons were recovered while two accomplices of the injured suspect escaped.

Police say they have recovered 50,000 rupees and a gun from the injured suspect.

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