Thursday August 18, 2022

Gill Was Tortured, Confirms Punjab Home Minister

Lahore: Punjab Home Minister Hashim Dogar says that Shahbaz Gill was tortured like an animal and he is currently in extreme depression.

While talking to the media outside the Punjab Assembly, Hashim Dogar said that the Islamabad police wanted to do something unpleasant.

Hashim Dogar said that Shahbaz Gill was tortured during remand in the custody of Islamabad police, Shahbaz Gill was not tortured in jail, he was kept in a mill. He is sick, the treatment is going on in Pims, the federal government should look into the matter with humanitarian compassion and not abuse it. The facts will be told.

The provincial minister said that Imran Khan would be worried if even a lowly worker of PTI was abused.

He said that an inquiry is going on against 30 police officers on the incidents of May 25, the current Chief Minister was abused in the Punjab Assembly.

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