Monday January 02, 2023

GB Govt Imposes Ban on use of Plastic Bags from Today

The Gilgit Baltistan Administration has imposed a ban on use of plastic shoppers within the limits of Gilgit District from 1st January 2023.

This important decision was taken by GB Administration headed by Chief Secretary Mohyuddin Ahmed Wani to make Gilgit plastic free district in the province.

The district administration has created awareness against use of polythene bags  through media campaigns and erected billboards inscribed slogans against polythene shoppers.

The Gilgit administration distributed cloth bags among the shopkeepers in NLI and other markets.

They appealed to the shopkeepers to avoid sale and use of plastic shoppers to make Gilgit pollution free.

However, the Administration warned that   action will be taken against those who violate the order ..

The GB administration has further decided to   expand the drive against use of polythene  to other districts after Gilgit in phase wise.

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