Friday September 10, 2021

Friday Ban On Businesses Ended As Markets Open All Around Karachi and Hyderabad

Karachi: Protest of business community bore fruits as ban on the business activities on Friday lifted and all the markets and shops opened today.

Government of Sindh has eased the restrictions for the traders as All the buisness activities commenced in all the markets of Karachi.

Buisness Leader Faizan Rawat in his special message to buisness community said that shopkeepers ensure their and staff vaccination against the coronavirus.

Thanking the Sindh government he said that we are thankfull to the Sindh government who allowed us to do buisness while he also requested the consumers to ensure implementation of coronavirus SOPs.

He also directed the market association to confirm vaccination of the shopkeepers while he said that we have to defeat the coronaviurs joining hands together.

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