Thursday May 26, 2022

Fresh Elections Expenditure Presented In NA

Islamabad: The expenditure details of the new elections presented in the Natioanl Assembly on Thursday (today).

As many as Rs 47 billion, 41caroors is estimated for expenditure on the fresh elections in the country.

For the electronic voting, Rs 5 billion and 60 caroors is estimated for the new elections.

As per the documents presented in the NA today, Rs 4 billion 83 caroors will be spent on publication of ballot papers, on the other hand, Rs one billion and 79 caroor will be spend on training of election staff.

The election in Punjab will cost Rs nine billion and 65 caroors approximately while an amount of Rs three billion and 65 caroors will be spent on Sindh for the fresh elections.

Moreover, the fresh election in Balochistan will cost Rs one billion and 11 caroors.

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