Thursday November 03, 2022

Firing At PTI Container Kills One And Eight People Injured Including Imran Khan

Gunjranwala: One person has been killed and eight others sustained injuries including the PTI chief Imran Khan and Faisal Javed Khan as a youth identified as Faisal Butt opened fire at the PTI container near Allahwala Chowlk in Gunjranwala this evening.

The injured persons were transported the DHQ hospital Wazirabad while one person identified to be Moazam Gondal succumbed to injuries and lost his life in the hospital.

PTI chief Imran Khan has been transported to Lahore for treatment as he received bullet in his leg during the firing incident.

The other PTI leaders who were also sustained injuries included Faisal Javed Khan, Umar Dar, Chaudhry Yousuf, local leader Ahmed Chattha and a child.

The former premier and all the PTI leaders who sustained injuries lives are out of danger, according to the hospital sources.

The elite police of Punjab police have arrested the person who opened fire on the PTI container. The participants of the long march also helped arresting the person.

After the firing stampede spread during the long march.

The attacker opened fire at the container near Allahwala Chowlk while he run whole burst and later on he also shot fired more.

The PTI chief has to address the participants at the venue Allah Wala Chowlk.

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