Friday April 15, 2022

Fifth Wave Of Coronavirus Dies Down As Only Person Dies In Last 12 Days

Islamabad: The fifth wave of the global pandemic coronavirus started to die down as only one person death reported in the last 12 days.

According to the facts and figures of the National Institute of health (NIH) in the last 24 hours, 24, 792 people were tested for the coronavirus out of which only 123 were tested for the virus.

The positivity ratio of the virus in a day remained 0.49 while at the moment the number of the coronavirus are 39, 808.

In the last 12 days only person died from the virus. while the highest number of coronavirus cases reported in Sindh where so far 5, 76, 469 cases were reported.

The Punjab is on second number as 5, 05, 528 coronavirus cases appeared.

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