Saturday November 05, 2022

FIA Terms Alleged Objectionable Video od Azam Swati and His Wife as ‘Fake’

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Saturday termed alleged objectionable video featuring Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and Senator Azam Swati and his wife as “fake”.

In a press release, the FIA stated that “the obscene viral video of Senator Azam Swati has been analyzed forensically by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and found to be completely fake. “The initial video audio and frame to frame forensic analysis has been carried out on the viral video as per the International Forensic Analysis standard.”

“Initial forensic analysis revealed that video has been edited and different video clips have been joined with defaced faces. Further analysis, revealed that faced have been swapped in the images using photoshop.” the press release added.”

The FIA added that press conference by Senator Azam Swati, in which he has showed his concerns warrant a proper investigation and requested him to lodge a proper complaint with the agency and share his concerns about the reason of thinking it authentic.

The presser reiterated that the obscene viral video of Azam Swati is fake, edited with deep fake tools to create misunderstanding and defame the “Honorable Senator”.

Earlier in a press conference, Senator Azam Swati burst into tears before the media on Saturday, saying that his wife had received a video featuring him and her an unknown person, about which he could not share further details because “the “daughters of my country are listening.

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