Wednesday September 14, 2022

FIA Raids PTI Senator Saifullah Niazi’s House in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The FIA Cyber Crime Wing raided the house of PTI leader Senator Saifullah Niazi and confiscated his laptop, phone and other gadgets.

Sources said that the FIR team raided the house of the PTI senator last night and took into possession his laptop, mobile phone and other devices. 

Sources said that a website with the title of ‘Na Manzoor’ was being operated from the residence of Senator Saifullah. 

The FIA has got search warrants from the Islamabad judicial magistrate beforehand to conduct the raid, sources concluded. 

PTI Chairman Imran Khan denounced the government’s move to raid the house of Saifullah Niazi saying that the imported government and handlers were pushing the PTI to the wall while warning that there would be consequences. 

Imran posted a tweet writing: Their desperation led to their blacking out our Telethon for flood relief. Today they raided Senator Saif Nyazee’s home & took away his cell & computer. Imported govt & handlers are pushing us to the wall. I am warning them there will be consequences they will have to face.

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