Thursday November 04, 2021

Federal Ombudsperson Orders To Remove DG Admin PEMRA For Sexual Harassment

Islamabad: The Federal Ombudsperson for protection against harassment of women at workplace Kashmala Tariq ruled on Thursday (today) that one of Pemra’s director general should be sacked from service, .

A complaint of sexual harassment was filed against DG Haji Adam in January 2020. Pemra has nine directors general. Haji Adam is one of them. He was the Director General for HR and Administration at the time.

On the other hand, Kashmala Tariq also ordered to demote co-accused General Manager of Pemra. Both the convicts have also been fined, albeit will pay one million and later will pay half million rupees.

A woman has alleged that he harassed her while she worked at Pemra.

Kashmala Tariq decided to admit the case in February and he was suspended in the interim on February 4, 2020.

The DG went to the President’s Secretariat to try to have the ombudsperson’s order suspended. However, the secretariat did not entertain his request.

He then went to the Islamabad High Court in August 2020. It passed a verdict asking the Ombudsperson to give a proper hearing to both sides before passing a speaking order within 15 days.

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