Tuesday January 04, 2022

Federal Cabinet Meeting Underway In Chair Of PM Imran To Take Up 7-point Agenda

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan is presiding the federal cabinet meeting to take up 7-point written agenda.

The meeting is taking several important decisions on matters ranging from Finance Supplementary Bill 2021 to electronic voting machines (EVMs) and extradition of accused Abdul Qadir Ehsan to United Kingdom.

During the meeting, the cabinet members will review the economic and political situation of the country. Concerned officials will brief the cabinet members regarding the progress on EVMs.

The cabinet members are likely to hold consultations for the custody of wanted persons in Pakistan from the United Kingdom (UK). A summary will be presented by the interior ministry to seek custody of an accused Abdul Qadir Ehsan from the UK.

Other items in the agenda include the establishment of the National Institute of Intelligence and Security Studies, the appointment of Karachi Port Trust (KPT) chairman for two years, approval of notification of Pakistan Tobacco Board and appointment of three members in the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

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