Monday May 02, 2022

Fact check: US Did Not Admit Involvement in Overthrowing Khan’s Govt

ISLAMABAD: PTI Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan on Monday shared remarks by American analyst Rebecca Grant who — according to him — “confirmed” that the “United States had a role to play in ousting Imran Khan through a vote of no-confidence.”

However, Fact Check Pakistan clarified that the remarks were misinterpreted. It clarified that the person these PTI leaders are quoting as “proof” that the US government was behind Imran Khan’s ouster has “nothing to do with the US government.”

The portal noted that  Mazari tweeted this clip by Fox News and claimed this was proof that Imran Khan’s government was ousted by the US Government — soon after hundreds of PTI supporters’ accounts began making the same claim.

However the fact is that the person Ms Mazari is quoting as “proof” the the US Govt was behind Imran Khan’s ouster has nothing to do with the US Govt – she has not worked for the US Govt in the past either. She is an analyst in Fox and runs her own firm IRIS Independent Research.

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