Wednesday December 29, 2021

Every Party Wants Establishment Support: Sheikh Rashid

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that every party wants that establishment support it but the establishment has decided it will help only elected party.

Talking to media, the Interior Minister said that Nawaz Sharif’s return to country will have no effect despite being a Sheikh “I am ready to give Nawaz Sharif tickets to return country with my own money.”

He said that some people says Nawaz Sharif is coming and other some says he isn’t coming adding that he has gone abroad from the country and he has to come back. He said that three family members of Nawaz Sharif family is in Pakistan and to lift political coffin there is need of four peoples.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed reiterated that Prime Minister Imran Khan will complete his term.

The minister said that this is a year of local bodies elections and will also contest next general elections under the leadership of Imran Khan.

He further said that reducing poverty is agenda of Imran Khan and expressed hope that the premier will be able to control inflation in last year of his term.

He said that the allied parties used to disgruntle but they are not with the opposition and this is a time of being upset.

The Minister said that we are such a allied party which is with PTI in all cost. We will take part in the election in the leadership of Imran Khan while he expressed confidence that Imran will also win the next election.

He said that there is no issue for the government for the opposition protest but it should review its protest in the month of March.

He said that he has told to the premier that we have to complete mother child hospital in Rawalpindi adding that it seemed that Nala Laye project would be completed after his death but his dream came true.

He said that with the completion of Nala Laye project history of the city will change.

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