Wednesday September 07, 2022

Entry Of Flood Water In Manchar Lake Creates Situation Grim As Crack Appears

Hyderabad: The flood water entered in the Manchar Lake has created situation extremely grim as 50-fit wide cracked appeared at the Zero point owing to the pressure of the water.

Due to crack at the Zero point as many as 300 villages are inundated while the population in the union council Wahir also affected owing to entering of the water in the UC.

Despite the cutting nib twice in the lake the water level could not be lowered.

On the other hand, a run way of the Sehwan airport also inundated while water exist at Larkana-Hyderabad Indus Highway. Owing to which the motorway police shut down the highway for the traffic.

High flood situation exist at the Kotri Bridge while the entry of water has reached 6,08, 476 cusec whereas 5, 85,678 cusec exit reported.

With the entry of the flood in Jamshoro many villages have come under water.

The flood will also affect Kachay areas of Matiari and Sujawal.

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