Tuesday August 16, 2022

Emergency Imposed After Inundation In Rivers, Nullahs Of DG Khan, Rajanpur Brought Devastation

Quetta: Devastating situation spread in rivers and nullahs of Dera Ghazi Khan (DG Khan) and Rajanpur owing to inundation.

An emergency has been imposed in flooded areas of DG Khan and Rajan Pur. Villages and towns inundated on large scale in Taunsa Sharif.

The water spread has speed up at Rodkohi of Rojhan while the bridge connecting Dajal to Jampur in Rajan pur collapsed.

The dozens of villages including Meeran Pur drowned in the water. With drowning of Indus Highway In Taunsa the traffic going to Sindh stopped.

Three bodies recovered in flood coming from Balochistan.

On directions of Chief Minister Punjab relief operation has speed up. Rescue, revenue, health, live stock and other departments placed on high alert.

Commissioner DG Khan has said that inter-provincial highway affected by flood has been restored for traffic. He added that a rescue operation in Rajan Pur and DG Khan has completed.

One thousands tents have been fixed in both the districts of Rajan Pur and DG Khan. Three time meals and every possible facilities are being provided.

As per the commissioner DG Khan Usman Anwar committees for providing aid activities have been constituted.
Besides fixed camp, mobile teams have also been formed for vaccinations of animals

Complete arrangements of necessary treatment facilities for the flood affected have been taken.

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