Tuesday June 14, 2022

Electricity Short Fall Reaches 6, 708 MW

Islamabad: Electricity short fall across the country reached 6, 709 MW..

As per the sources of power division, the overall electricity production stand at 21, 191 MW while the country has a demand of 27,900 MW.

As per the statistics, the electricity produced from hydroelectric is 4, 528 MW while the government thermal power plants are producing 1515 MW.

On the other hand, private sector electricity overall production is 12,008 MW.

The electricity generated from Wind power plant is 1609 MW while 121 MW electricity is being produced by Solar Power plants.

As many as 175 MW electricity is being produced from plants running from Bagas. The electricity of 1, 235 MW is being produced from Atomic fuel.

As many as 16 hours load shedding is being conducted across the country.

Load shedding of six hours is also being conducted in Islamabad region as well while duration of load shedding is more where loss of electricity is more.

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