Thursday May 19, 2022

Electricity Crisis Once again Intensified Across The Country as Short Fall Reaches 5, 053 MW

Islamabad: The electricity crisis once again intensified across the country as overall short fall has reached to 5, 052.

According to power division sources said that the whole production of electricity in the country is 21, 447 MW while the total demand of electricity is 26,500 MW.

The duration of load-shedding increased as well owing to difference of short fall of more than 5000. Urban areas are facing power outages for 12 hours while load-shedding of 14 hours is being conducted in rural areas.

On ther other hand, LESCO demand has reahced at the highest level.Sources said that the demand of electricity in LESCO has surpassed by 5100. National Power Construction Coorperation (NPCC) is providing electricity of 3750 MW.

The LESCO shart fall has climbed to more than 1350 MW while the worst load-shedding started as short fall increased. Unannounced load shedding is continued in various part of the city with duration of six to seven hous. The load shedding in rural areas also continued with duration of 8 to ten hour.

The worst load shedding has disturbed the masses while the LESCO closes many feeders at a time over an increase of short fall.

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