Monday July 04, 2022

Electricity Crisis in the Country Turns Severe As Short Fall Climbs To 8000 MW

Islamabad: Energy crisis in the country has turned severe as short fall of electricity climbed to 8000 MW.

The country has a short fall of 7,919 MW, as per the sources of power division the country has production of electricity 21,081 while the country has a demand of 29,000 MW.

As many as 14 hours load shedding has been continued in the various areas of the country while the long hours load shedding is being carried out where loss of electricity is higher.

According to power division, 5, 227 MW electricity is being made from hydro power, 1, 591 MW power is being made from the government thermal power plants.
The highest quantity of electricity is being generated by priavte electricity houses which is 10, 135 MW.

According to sources of power division, electricity of 5, 227 MW is being gernerated from water. 1,591MW

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