Saturday April 16, 2022

Elahi Slams Mazari For Misusing Powers

LAHORE: PA Speaker Elahi — in an apparent reference to the LHC’s decision — said under Article 69 of the Constitution, the courts are not allowed to intervene in the Parliament’s affairs. “Courts cannot decide what will happen in the Parliament.”

Elahi said he had given additional powers to the deputy speaker as he was contesting for the chief minister’s slot, but when Mazari “misused” the powers, he withdrew them but the LHC restored those powers.

He said since Pakistan’s inception, police have not entered any assembly and termed their interference as unconstitutional.

“Tossing lotas is a common practice […] lotas have been brought in the house time and again,” he said, adding that the government’s MPAs were bribed into shifting sides.

In the light of today’s developments, we will decide our future course of action, he said, adding that the PML-N does not deserve the chief minister’s slot.

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