Friday September 10, 2021

ECP Writes Letter To Senate Body Chairman On EVM

ISLAMABAD: The electronic voting machine (EVM) can open up the possibility of “more sophisticated fraud” through the manipulation of software and hardware, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has said.

EVMs are presented as a solution to rigging in the elections, but they “cannot counter all types of fraud”, the ECP said, in a 34-point letter sent to Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Parliamentary Affairs Taj Haider on Friday, September 9.

The ECP sent the letter to the standing committee chairman as it continues to be at loggerheads with the government over the use of the machines during the elections, with the Centre stressing that EVMs can ensure transparency.

The ECP said there would be a “lack of evidence in case of election disputes”, as it underscored that the compatibility of EVMs with the existing constitutional and legal framework should be considered.

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