Tuesday April 26, 2022

Dua Zehra Found From Lahore Got Married, Not Abducted

Lahore: The matter of girl missing from Karachi for last eleven days, Dua Zehra culminated into drop scene as she found from Lahore where she also got married.

As per the reports, Dua Zehra has given a statement as well in which she said that she went to Lahore with her on will.

It is also stated that Lahore Police has taken the girl in its custody and Lahore and Karachi police are continuously in touch on the matter.

Dua will be shifted to Karachi soon while according to the police officials she has married to a boy resident of Lahore. Dua in her video statement said that she with her own liking married to Zaheer Ahmed.

She also hurled accusation on her family that her family used to torture her and forcefully they wanted to marry her with someone other.

As per Dua she wan not abducted by anyone and she has come to Lahore with her own will and didn’t bring any precious things with her. She again negating her family, said that her family informed wrong age of her. She said that she is 18 years old instead of 14 years.

Dua went to say that she married with Zaheer and she is happy with him and urged his family not to disturb her on the matter.

In her affadavit she confirmed that she got married to Zaheer on April 17.

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