Tuesday September 14, 2021

Dolphin Force Personnel Below Level Of Sub-inspector Barred To Set up Check-points

LAHORE: Punjab police have barred personnel of Dolphin Force from setting up check-posts in the city over concerns of misuse of authority from them.

In a directive issued from Inspector General of Police (IG) Punjab during a meeting, Rao Sardar Ali Khan said that the Dolphin Force and PERU Force officials should only be used as first responders rather than manning check-posts.

“Officials below the level of sub-inspector should not setup the check-points,” the IG Punjab directed and added that complaints on helpline 1787 should be transferred to the concerned circle officer.

He further said that stubborn and rude police officials should not be posted at police stations.

Moreover, the meeting headed by Rao Sardar Ali Khan also mulled over measures to tackle sexual harassment issues among children and decided that special teams would be sent to educational institutes to create awareness in this regard.

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