Thursday May 19, 2022

Dollar Crosses Double Century In Inter-Bank

Karachi: The US dollar continued to rising streak as the green back crossed double century in the inter-bank.

The green back appreciates Rs 1.66 owing to which reached the highest level of Rs 200.

On the other hand an increse in dollar price also continued in the open market as dollar reached Rs 201.50 after addition of Rs 1.

It is pertinent to mention here that the dollar prices completed double century in the open market yesterday for the first time.

The currency dealers said that uncertainty and not surfacing of the government policy for International Monetary Fund (IMF) the markets are in grip of rumours owing to which dollar demand has increased.

Exporters in the greed of getting more money for their dollars are not surrendering the dollars while the importers are opening the LC’s as much as they can. Due to which condition is getting worse.

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