Friday December 16, 2022

Culprit Behind Killing Of NED Student Arrested On Notice Of CM Sindh

Karachi: On notice of Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah, the police have arrested culprit responsible of killing student Bilal of the precious NED university during mugging near the university.

The students of the University also staged protest outside the educational institutions against the sad killing of their fellow studing in robbery incident.

The muggers on yesterday without showing any pity sprayed bullets at Bilal on his chest and legs in resistance to robbery at a tea shop near the university.

The 21-year-old Bilal was petroleum engineering student at the NED university of engineering and technology.

According to observers and officials, the crime situation in District East, especially on University Road and its adjoining areas like Sachal, Sohrab Goth and SITE Super Highway, is becoming worrisome.

They said muggings, and killings and injuries during snatching incidents are reported at different intervals in these areas, with the outlaws turning out to be Afghans in most of the cases.

They added that a letter had also been sent earlier to the police high-ups regarding the involvement of Afghans in various criminal activities, but action was yet to be observed.

According to the letter, Afghans and other illegal immigrants had established a state within the state, and they had also been involved in criminal activities.

Moreover, a gang that was recently busted in the city’s District East comprised Afghan nationals who had been involved in robbing expatriates on their way from the airport.

The police letter states that many illegal Afghan nationals have been arriving in Karachi on a daily basis to live illegally in the city, especially in Sohrab Goth and its surrounding areas.

Police said that the foreign nationals are involved in illegal activities like street crime, including looting citizens passing through the Super Highway, drug peddling, land grabbing and killing as well as anti-state activities within the localities of Sohrab Goth, the factory areas and the New Sabzi Mandi Super Highway.

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