Friday August 19, 2022

Court Orders Gill’s Re-Medical Examination

ISLAMABAD The court on Friday while rejecting the petition filed by Islamabad police to approve Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Shahbaz Gill’s 8-day physical remand has ordered to conduct his medical checkup again.

Shahbaz Gill was presented before an Islamabad district and sessions court after being declared physically fit by the Medical Board of PIMS hospital.

The police has filed petition to approve Shahbaz Gill’s eight more days of physical remand. The Court inquired whether the police is seeking a fresh remand or an extension of the earlier one.

In this regard, the judge further remarked that has the police been able to investigate in two days or not?

Considering the apparent condition of the PTI leader, it was directed by the court to immediately apply mask and oxygen to Shahbaz Gill. 

The Court further rejected the 8-day remand plea along with directing to conduct the PTI leader’s medical checkup again, adding that Gill will be hospitalized till Monday for the re-medical examination.

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