Saturday November 13, 2021

Country’s Inflation Rate Reaches 17.37pc

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s inflation rate culminated to 17.37 per cent (pc) on Friday.

According to details, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) has reported that the inflation rate of the country has further increased by 1.81 per cent (pc). The prices of basic food essentials including tomatoes, edible ghee, eggs, onions, and thirty other basic items was increased.

As per details, PBC mentioned that the price of tomatoes rose to Rs23.29, two-and-a-half-kg edible ghee box to Rs30.63, eggs to Rs3.26 per dozen, cooking oil to Rs77.37, potato to Rs1.40 whereas that of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinder increased to Rs7.26 per kilograms (kg).

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