Thursday May 19, 2022

Country’s Economy Is Losing Billions Of Rupee On Daily Basis: Hamad Azhar

Lahore: The country’s economy is incurring loss of billions of rupees on a daily basis, this is said by former minister and PTI leader Hamad Azahari said.

Addressing a presser, Hamad Azhar lambasting on the government, he said that Liquified Natutal Gas (LNG) bought in expensive price and now the economy is facing loss of billions of rupees on a daily basis.

Hamad Azhar said that unannounced load shedding of duration 17 to 20 hours is being conducted whereas Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) had purchased imported fuel for the power plants.

He said that former minister was saying yesterday that load shedding saves dollar while he said that such irresponsible statements should be avoided. He said that the load shedding is a serious issue and this is their mismanagement.

The young party leader said that the country’s economy was not the same two months ago while the PML-N government run false advertisements from the tax payers money.

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